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Cyber Friendships – – The Psyche of the Pit-falling Prat!

We’re all on Facebook, aren’t we? Good.

If you’re not, then EVERYONE in the world thinks you’re weird. And in order to remain even vaguely “normal” in the eyes of the entire population, you simply must make yourself a Facebook account.

I am on this, the pre eminent social networking web site using the internet as middle-man type of web site, that we all know as FaceTube.com….sorry, Facebook.com.

I have fewer than 100 friends. Quite strange for someone of my age. But you know why I have fewer than 100 friends? It’s because I actually DO have fewer than 100 friends in real life. The sad fact is that most of the 60 or so friends I have on Facespace.com, sorry, Facebook.com, aren’t actually real friends! I’m so lonely, I laugh heartily. I would say that I only have two real friends at this stage in my life. And I think most people only have between 1 and 5 REAL friends, if they were telling the honest truth!

Those people we know who have over 1000 friends, are simply not living their lives properly, are they? In order to amass a truly huge number of online friends, they would have to spend about, oh let’s say, 3.78 hours on Facebook each and every day (scientific research pending).

So, if you’d like to “add me” as the cool kids say. I’ll just leave my Facebook page below. Let’s see how this goes, people.


I await your “friendship”.

Bi bi.



2 thoughts on “Cyber Friendships – – The Psyche of the Pit-falling Prat!

  1. I’ve considered a Facebook account for my blog, but I have no interest in one for “myself.”

    Posted by youretheworst | November 4, 2014, 3:08 pm

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