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Saturday Night!

It’s Saturday night,

All are out, having fun, drinking beverages which may or may not contain alcohol, they’re dancing, ogling each other, dancing some more, possibly puking, maybe having a cheeky cigarette because mum and dad aren’t around to see, dancing some more, hailing a taxi while barely being able to stand upright, abusing a taxi driver in intelligible drunk-language, puking in a taxi, falling asleep in a taxi, tumbling into their house, falling asleep again, hopefully on the radiator, so they wake up with horrible burn marks to remind them just how much awesome “fun” they had!

Of course, on Saturday nights, not all people do what I’ve described in the above paragraph that contains far too many commas. But, for as long as I’ve been alive, the general consensus among the vast majority of people I know is that Saturday nights are to be spent having “fun”, and of course, since I’m in Australia, this naturally and unthinkingly involves alcohol. We are a nation of drunken pirate type people!

Let me tell you all what I did on this fine, warm Saturday night. I drove around in my car for a good solid few hours, that’s all I did! I was doing “research”. First of all I cruised down to a place called Glenelg Beach, which is a very popular place for Saturday-night-people to gather and go about their business. Then I drove about 15 miles north, along the coastal roads, to a place called Semaphore Beach. Now, Semaphore Beach is like Glenelg Beach, except for the fact that Semaphore Beach is a much wealthier area, a lot of very nice, big houses line the coast, and the variety of Saturday-night-person in Semaphore tends to be what I like to call “Daddy’s little prince/princess”. Very rich young men and women who drive Porsches and BMWs, I hate them more than cancer! They probably eschew beer or vodka, in favour of expensive wine…ugh….die already, arseholes!

Then, I drove north again, to a place called Port Adelaide. I like Port Adelaide, lots of staggeringly beautiful daughters of Italian and Greek migrants live in Port Adelaide……uhm….at this point I became somewhat distracted by the….uhm….fleshy scenery, so I decided to drive home with a tent in my pants!…..sorry, had to be said.

So, what do you like to do on Saturday nights? Are you a real party animal? Are you a quiet, stay home kind of Saturday person? Let me know, dudes and dudettes!




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