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Zeeko The Cat

Twas a fine Monday morning, but not for little Zeeko,

His stomach was rumbling, hard and turbulent like a plane ride through a tornado.

Food was the only thing on his mind, that, and licking his own balls,

but one had to come first, the food that is, the licking for now could be thrown down the history halls.

No food in his bowl, nothing in the backyard.

Zeeko would have to go hunting, rodents beware, Zeeko is here.

Little Zeek was hiding in a shrub,

a littler mouse scurried past,

Zeeko HAD him, he launched himself, claws ablaze.

With one swift dodge and a drop of the shoulder,

the mouse got away, little rodent was bold!

Zeeko sighed like we all know cats do,

he was still so very hungry, stomach churning with a lack of nutritious volume,

he decided to venture out into the city, food is always there, he said to himself, in cat tongue.

300 yards out from the start of the city, his little nostrils flared with orgasmic delight,

“Food is here, here there is food”, said Zeeko. He would be feasting tonight!

Zeeko got a mouse by the grocery store,

then another next to the fishmarkets downtown,

He caught a rat down a sewer, oh like a cat in a candy store down there.

Indeed he did feast that night.

But he got food poisoning from the “Rat de la sewer”,

he was up all night frothing and puking.

Little Zeeko died hours later,

he had a good life, he was much missed by his family,

his famous last words, “Try that sewer rat, it’s delicious”.

And so it was, Zeeko returned to the circle of life,

rats, mice and other things feasted on him as he did them,

He wasn’t just a cat, he was a member of the tree of life,

and boy oh boy did his particular branch shine so bright!!




7 thoughts on “Zeeko The Cat

  1. I love this poem.. its flows really nicely and its written so well.. it paints a picture .. its so great the only thing that is alittle off is in third line in the last stanza its a little too long

    Posted by Founder of ilovemusic | October 31, 2014, 3:29 pm

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