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The Unbelievable Truth

This is a very fun game to play with a group of people. What you do is this,

You pick a random subject that you know quite a bit about, say, “Koalas”. Then you write out a written speech/lecture which you will read out to people. Within the speech/lecture, you will try to sneak in 5 absolutely true facts about Koalas, while all the rest of the speech is made up of things that are ridiculous and untrue. You get a point for every true fact you manage to sneak past your group of people, while, if people stop you and say, “that bit about Koalas is true”, they get a point. 

Here’s my example. On the subject “The human brain”.

The human brain, today, is one of the most completely understood organs in our bodies. It is so understood in fact, that scientists have largely neglected studying it, and now tend to favour studying more mysterious parts of the human body, like the elbows and eyelids. The great Italian genius, Leonardo da Vinci, thought that the brain was made up of snot and mucus, and he thought that when you blew your nose, the things in the tissue were bits of your brain coming out of your nose. Greek thinker, Aristotle, thought that within our brains were tiny, tiny little people operating levers and switches in order to keep our brains running smoothly at all times.

If you look at any section of the brain through an enormously powerful microscope, you will see something that resembles the patterns that the galaxies make throughout our universe. You might also see tiny American flags implanted into certain structures of the brain. Humans have the biggest brains relative to their body size among all the animal kingdom, but recent research has suggested that Redwood trees actually have the largest brains of all life on Earth. Very long, thin brains that noodle themselves into each branch and twig. Although Redwood trees have brains, they still don’t have legs, so they can’t get away from forest fires, even though they’ve told us they want to every time a fire comes around.

Albert Einstein had his brain researched after his death, and surprisingly, his brain was a little bit smaller than average. Justin Bieber has had his brain scanned by eminent scientists, and, believe it or not, Bieber’s brain is the largest and most densely packed with neurons than any other brain ever scanned. So if you do not like Bieber’s music, YOU are the one who is messed up.

Traumatic brain injury can occur with just the slightest of impacts, such as heading a soccer ball numerous times. This explains Wayne Rooney, doesn’t it? Stem cell researchers are confident that within not too long, they will be able to create artificial brains, and then technologists of the future will be able to implant all of your memories and thoughts into this artificial brain, if your own brain was damaged beyond repair.

A lot of people believe in certain foods called “brain foods”, foods that help the function of your brain. Tuna, salmon, kale, spinach and walnuts have all been wrongly named as the “best food for your brain”. In actual fact, the best thing you can put in your mouth to help your brain is turmeric. Ancient Indians would dunk their heads in buckets of turmeric for several days while breathing through a straw to enhance their cognitive abilities. Then the buckets would be carried to the river by the “carryer”, the “carryers” were often in a hurry. Along the river of history, the words hurry and carry became melded together to produce the word we all know and love today, “curry”.

The end. See if you can find the 5 true facts about “the human brain”.



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