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Jealousy, you vile beast!

I’m an intensely jealous person.

I have a friend who seems to sleep with a different girl pretty much every night of the week. I envy that immensely. I know he may have abandonment issues, and therefore he needs to feel loved and wanted and that is why he womanizes the way he does, but still, I want what he has! At least, I want to experience what that is like.

I have a friend who has his own business at the age of 22. He’s a millionaire, and I like him as a person, he’s very funny and pleasant. But the jealousy I feel looking at him driving his Porsche and walking around in his huge house, could be measured on the Richter scale! Some would say that he earned his wealth, and that I’ve done nothing to match his efforts. And they would be right. But I’m still envious………green with it!

Those people I see and meet who are instantly popular within seconds of being amongst a whole new group of people…..ugh, I envy them too.

But, jealousy, I think, isn’t such a bad thing. You see, truly mind-altering jealousy is THE BEST motivator in the world. For example, Franz Liszt – possibly the most brilliantly skilled pianist the Earth has ever seen, was only motivated to practice for 15-20 hours a day, every day, because he went to see an Italian virtuoso violinist. Liszt was so impressed and filled with jealousy, that he set his practice regime to overdrive just to match the skill he saw in that violinist.

People give jealousy a bad name. “Green” with envy is the most used phrase, and who likes “green”, not me, shit colour. People who tell you that they don’t feel jealousy, ever…..are quite simply, liars. Everyone feels it. But for some reason, we’re taught out of jealousy, taught to ignore it and just be happy with the better things that others have and that you don’t. Forget that shit, embrace your envy.

People extol the virtue of motivation. They will say that what motivates them is “pleasure” or “hard work” or “that they’re just doing it for themselves”. They can say that all they want, but their methods are not as good as good old fashioned jealousy. You need to see someone who has much more than you do in order to have something realistic to aim for.

Now, I’m no big fan of capitalism. I know that capitalism thrives on jealousy and competition, but the capitalism type of jealousy is all based on wealth and conventional success. But, within the socialist system I would prefer to be in place, jealousy would still be well and good. Within a socialist system, jealousy would be based around the baser things in life, such as – – I want to be a better person than this person, I want to be better at music, sports, love-making, conversation etc.

Basically, what I’m saying is this – – Jealousy is good, socialism is good. That is all.



2 thoughts on “Jealousy, you vile beast!

  1. Hey, I told you I´m sorry. I´m a woman magnet not my fault. Get over it.

    Posted by charlypriest | October 29, 2014, 5:25 pm

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