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It is a dark, rainy night. An enormous Neon-lit city, of a quite futuristic look, is seen from a birds-eye view about 500 metres above the ground. The camera pans down towards the ground level at a slow to begin with pace, but as it nears the ground, it pans quicker and quicker. The camera zooms right down the side of a Neon-strewn skyscraper, and then finally comes to a stop about 10 feet above the ground. A running man in a long, flowing trench coat flashes underneath the camera…….then 2-3 seconds later another man runs after the first.

The camera stays fixed just above the ground, the ground dark and full of glistening puddles and ripples, then 4 shots of a gun crack out, with equal distance between each bullet fired. The screen cuts to black.

Screen stays completely black, slow, considered footsteps are heard, as well as two voices. The first voice has an American accent, the second, a middle-class British accent – 

VOICE 1: Not too bad, ya son of a bitch! You got him good. He wont be doing that shit again any time soon.

VOICE 2: Yeah, cheers, Yankee doodle dandy. But, uh….he may have been, you know, one of “them”.

VOICE 1: Fuck! I thought we got em all for this month. Bullshit!

VOICE 2: We’ll find out in few seconds….

*strange, beeping, electronic noises* 

 Camera changes from being black to showing very brief intermittent flashes of the scene. The two men are seen crouching beside the body of the trench-coated man prone on the ground. One of the men can be seen waving something about the size of a football, something of a bright, chrome colour over the downed man’s body.

*strange, electronic beeping sounds become much, much louder and more rapid*

VOICE 2: SHIT, he is of them, he’s glowing, RUN!

VOICE 1 : Was a pleasure working with ya, ya tea drinking Limey!

*both men scarper for their lives*

The same brief, flashing camera pans upwards at a very rapid rate. While doing so, an orange glowing sphere grows in diameter at a vast rate. The camera pans up far enough to reveal the entire city. Within seconds the glowing sphere engulfs the whole city….and implodes into itself, destroying the entire city in mere moments. In total silence, the city is vapourized and a perfectly hemispheric crater remains, with a faint orange glow.

As I said, it’s a work in progress. So maybe this will be continued, hopefully it is.





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