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Signs Of Alcoholism

This will be a boring, tedious list of signs that someone may be an alcoholic. But, I hope it could be useful for someone who has their suspicions about a loved one or a friend.

1. Empty bottles are hidden around their house. Obviously because they know they’re drinking far too much and don’t want the evidence to be obvious.

2. They go to several different liquor stores on a rotating basis in order to quell any suspicions that the people who work in the stores may develop.

3. They make it very clear that they “hate” people who they see drinking too much and enjoying themselves. They will often call them “pathetic” and “alcoholics” themselves, obviously again, to shift the feelings they have about themselves onto other people.

4. They eat less than they used to. They do this to leave their stomachs empty in order to be able to get more drunk on perhaps a smaller amount of alcohol.

5. They often ask for money. Small amounts like 10 or 20 dollars, just to bolster their booze account.

6. And the most obvious sign is this…..their hands tremble and shake. This is the worst sign, because it means that their body is now dependent on alcohol. An intervention of some sort is needed at this point.

Well, there you have it.




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