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ISIS or Ebola – Which Is Scariest!?

*ominous, booming movie-trailer guy voice*

Coming up next week on The Deadliest Warrior – it’s ISIS versus the Ebola virus!

This match-up should be very interesting and perhaps it will be one of the closest battles we’ve seen yet. Both combatants have their own strengths and weaknesses, and you can be sure of the fact that this fight will be bloody!

One is a terrible group of tiny, unthinking, brainless things that can be found living in shit, the other, is the Ebola virus!




8 thoughts on “ISIS or Ebola – Which Is Scariest!?

  1. HA! Awesome. I miss that show… what happened to it?

    Posted by pouringmyartout | October 15, 2014, 2:51 pm
  2. You forgot one other, global warming!!! Didn´t you hear the DOD defense secretary talking about global warming in some south american summit this past days? That makes sense, in a war not called a war and the head of the department talking about global warming.So that is the real threat! ISIS will be drowned by the melting icebergs therefore they have been taking out so no need to bomb them. And then the global warming will inundate the destroyers rendering your navy ineffective combat force, but you still have submarines though, so your not completely lost. So the priorities are very well on the right track.

    Posted by charlypriest | October 15, 2014, 5:34 pm

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