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Young Child Thoughts

Am I the only person, who as a child, would walk around my house, and think to myself – hold on a minute, this is a big house relative to my physical size (I was a child at the time, and quite small compared to a house), and I know that my parents and me live in this house, but………but…………there could be someone else living in this house, couldn’t there!? Someone else could be in here, walking around and going about their business, but they’re ALWAYS one step ahead, or behind me and my parents, so that we never see this person. They could be hiding behind a curtain one minute, then when me or one of my parents leaves the room, they come out from behind the curtain and shuffle off into the bathroom. Oh, and this person clearly never flushes the toilet or uses the shower or cooks anything in the microwave or deep fries things in the kitchen because we’d hear that…..okay…..there are several fatal flaws in this idea, but give me a damn break! I was only a little kid!

Bye bye. đŸ˜‰



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