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Ebola Bleeding Fever of Blood and Myoglobin Also Disease!

Ebola is no longer in Africa exclusively. It’s now in the USA, Spain, and now possibly Australia too.

I’m a pessimist by nature, so naturally I think that we’re all going to die, basically. I hope it gets a cure, and I wish scientists and doctors the best of luck, but this disease is a motherfucker of a disease!

What I propose, is quite spectacular. Here goes…….

What we do is this, we stop ALL international travel by cruise ship or by the cruise ships of the sky (people call these things “planes”).

We also need to ban travel across nation borders, especially in Africa.

This disease is so awful and malevolent, I would gladly have any infected people shot in the head-region in order to stop them from crossing over into another landmass! It would be a quicker, more pleasant death for the person, anyway!

I’m sorry for the harsh words, but I’m scared shitless of this damn disease. Literally I’ve shit myself out of fear, which in turn causes more fear, because I was in a shop buying some milk at the time, it’s a vicious circle of fear, and shit – – much like Ebola itself, DUN DUN DUUNNN! *rimshot*……….*clown horn*……..*man falling in bucket of water noise*




2 thoughts on “Ebola Bleeding Fever of Blood and Myoglobin Also Disease!

  1. Im not sure this is an subject to be joked about

    Posted by onlyafrica | October 9, 2014, 2:25 pm

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