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The Meaninglessness Of Being Unique, Thoughtful and Introspective!

Just got home from work. I work in a supermarket. It’s easy work, it’s as easy as it is tedious and monotonous. Occasionally some of the wacky regulars will come in to the store to do their shopping. There’s the old guy who wears sparkly, glittery bowler hats, who seems very desperate for people to talk to him, most likely about his hat collection, and then there’s also the middle-aged woman, who may or may not have mental issues, who frequently stops us workers in our tracks to talk about the packaging and ingredient contents of the tiniest little packet of chips for up to 20 minutes at a time! Then there is the other old man who finds pleasure in berating us for putting items in the wrong places, and yells as if he’s being wrongly arrested about the layout of the shelves and the odd bits of cardboard on the ground!

Interestingly though, the vast majority of people who come into our store are quite good-looking, young professionals. They don’t make eye contact, they seem afraid to talk to anyone even to ask for assistance. There are the young women, looking spectacular in their tight white blouses and grey skirts, then there are the young men wearing identical attire and sporting identical haircuts! These young, good-lookers, seem as if they have been cloned. They’re identical. And I don’t want to judge them all in the same way, but the way they dress, act and carry themselves leaves me no other choice! I’d much rather have a wacky chat to the old lady who wants to talk to me about the tiny packet of chips for 20 minutes. That’s unique. That’s a truly original mind. A mind not bound by conventional customs of behaviour and social expectations! I love those people.

Then there’s me. I wear the right uniform, white shirt, black pants etc. But I have quite long, wavy hair down to my shoulders, I don’t talk to the other workers very much, and I know they think of me as being a bit of a weird loner type person. This has happened all my life, and I’m fine with it. The people I work with are almost all younger than me by a few years. They are young and idealistic. They are beginning their university studies, or they are going out every weekend to get thoroughly fucked up on alcohol and whatever else.

I know I work better and harder than the majority of the younger workers. But………but……….I have yet to receive any type of promotion or upgrade. Whereas, for example, the 18 year old good looking girl with blonde hair and blue eyes has been promoted into a position higher than me. Why? I’m not sure. It might be because she is one of the popular people who work in our store. She seldom has anything interesting to say, she has yet to provide any evidence to me that she deserves her new role over say, me! Whatevs!

This recent turn of events has firmly planted in my mind the fact that, the quiet, introspective people still aren’t valued in the workplace. We quiet, thoughtful people prefer not to work in groups, we prefer rather to work solo and figure out original solutions to problems on our own. This skill we have STILL is not valued. What is valued though, is the loud, boisterous people who HAVE to work in groups, because they need people to hear their shit, grating voices and opinions. These types of people thrive in the workplace, and dare I say it, life in general. Again, whatevs!

This begins in schools. Kids are given a problem, then told to form into groups to solve the problem, as if this is the only fucking way to solve a problem! Here’s a nice example of what one person can figure out on their own,

In the mid 1600’s, the plague was ravaging London and surrounding areas in England. A very wise man by the name of Isaac Newton saw the plague’s destruction, and so he exiled himself to a very small cottage out in the countryside of England. He stayed there for six to eight months, working on his mathematics and physics stuff. When he emerged, he had INVENTED integral and differential calculus, he reshaped the entire field of optics more than anyone had done in the previous 600 years, and he had figured out why the planets orbited the sun in elliptical orbits, rather than in perfect circles as everyone thought. This is thought to be the most incredible application of brain power that has ever been achieved by a human being. And who did this? It was little old Newton, on his own, in a small cottage, working like a madman. It wasn’t a group of loud, overly-opinionated people working together between shouting matches – it was a solitary Newton!

If you are one of us, one of us lone wolf people, embrace it! You could be the next Isaac Newton……..probably not though, but try your hardest by all means!



2 thoughts on “The Meaninglessness Of Being Unique, Thoughtful and Introspective!

  1. At least you have a job, I know a promotion would be nice but I´m still looking for a job…after 2 years! My country is broke but that´s a long story.

    Lone wolfe´s as you say, and my guess that in your case the job you´re in is not suited for your own unique qualities, like writing for example or your thoughts, your observations. I see that writers and thinkers(you are a thinker) which go hand in hand really, in general are people who tend to pay attention to the things around them quite a lot more than the rest and have a unique view of things that others might not see.

    For example when you talked about all the people coming and going where you work, my guess is that the rest of your co workers probably glance around see the same old same old and don´t pause to give it too much thought they just keep going on with their own little thing or thinking about whatever they have in mind. You on the other hand, do give it thought and put it into paper. I´m generalising here about the others, but in a lot of cases is true what I said about what you call lone wolf. Plus there are introverts, extroverts, some in between, hell would be quite boring if everybody would be the same. Although since we do live in a society, a society is made of people if your able to be a team player is obviously of more help to you. But if not, who gives a shit, each person is unique each to his own. You have qualities others don´t have and others have qualities you don´t have, same with the rest of humanity. What a rant……

    By the way, can you tell me where you work, you did say there are a bunch of hot girls, so I might as well throw in a job application I take your job and they probably move you up, since you would first be my mentor.

    Stay Frosty gent, and have a great day!

    Posted by charlypriest | October 14, 2014, 7:13 am
    • I agree with your synopsis, well said!
      I work at a supermarket called “Foodland” in South Australia. And the girls are really hot because they’re usually all young students just working to get some money before they move on to their proper careers!

      Posted by sarcasticgoat | October 14, 2014, 10:03 am

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