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Flight MH370

I’ll just come out and say this – –

I believe the Malaysian 777 plane that went missing…………didn’t go “missing”, but rather traveled through time, unbeknownst to the pilots and passengers, by going through a time portal which is definitely a real thing, come on!

This is a lot to take in, I’m sure, but stick with me, folks.

Not ONE noticeable piece of that plane has been found.

The only reasonable explanation is that now, after having gone through the time portal (real thing), it is currently flying around in the year 1378, and thoroughly scaring the mud-dwelling peasants of that time, who will end up worshiping it as a God! Or it’s flying around in the year 2700, while the people of the future look at it and go “Awww, it’s so nice to see people that still like flying the antiques”. Of course, it will be pulled over by the futuristic Sky-Police and the pilot will be issued with a notice of defect!






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