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The Coming Age Of Mass Unemployment!

In the quite near future, we all know that robots and artificial intelligence will reach such an advanced state, such an advanced state of robots will mean that “they”(robots) are in charge of virtually ALL of the manufacturing processes. They already build our cars and a lot of our electronic devices, our furniture, our computers and so on – – but in the near future they will inevitably replace all manual labor jobs in the developed world. No more plumbers, or builders or electricians or any other similar jobs.

With all manual labor jobs including, most likely, customer service, retail and store assistant jobs, where will this leave the state of employment in the developed world? Well, politicians and world leaders are always harping on about “job creation” and similar phrases like “creation of jobs”, but when the robots are ready to enter the job market, robots that don’t need lunch breaks or time off because of illness, robots that don’t even have to go home at the end of the day obviously, because they’ll never need to sleep – – the state of unemployment will almost certainly plummet to unbelievable lows!

When the robots have reached a point of ubiquity in the job world, what will the normal, unskilled, unqualified people like us do with our lives!? I don’t know.

I’m downplaying the vast impact this eventual robot-saturated job market will have on us in the world. Think about doctors, nurses, paramedics, firemen, policemen and all of those jobs that really, really matter! There will come a time when an actual human being doing any one of those jobs will be looked at with incredulity and suspicion.

Picture the scene – – the year is 2098, and the robots have “infiltrated” the jobs of the world. You have a health issue you need addressing hastily. You go to the hospital to be looked at – – which doctor would you feel more comfortable with treating you? The human doctor, who went through at least 10 years of medical study (very impressive). A human doctor who is prone to lapses in concentration, emotional instability, and who is, knowing doctors as I do, most likely overworked and very, VERY tired! Or, would you rather be treated by the robot doctor. This robot doctor simply does not get tired, doesn’t have emotional entanglements, doesn’t have lapses in concentration and most importantly, is programmed not to make the mistakes that humans can and do. Which doctor would you choose? I know which one I would!

So, when the robots are smart enough and rigid enough to do the jobs that, so far, only humans do, we’ll be in for a very tough time, I think. This may very well happen in our lifetime, so get prepared people. Get prepared like this – – become a computer engineer or computer technician/maintenance person, because when the robots arrive, those are going to be the only jobs that humans will be able to do without being laughed at and ridiculed!

Ciao. I love ya! 



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