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Summer Is Coming…….Oh God!


Here in good-old Australialand, we’re currently in the season of winter (the cold one). And the temperature today was 25 degrees Celsius, in WINTER! (please adjust to Fahrenheit if you live in a backwards country that uses that silly, old system)

In a few months time, summer will be upon us down here. I can feel it in my bones, that this summer will be the worst, hottest, shitty Australian heat-soaked summer we’ve ever seen!

It makes me laugh heartily to hear my British friends and family complain about a hot day in England (about 31 degrees Celsius) as if their lives are coming to an end! Hahaha……the British. You crumpet-eating dudes and dudettes think 31 Celsius is hot!? Well, the hottest day I’ve ever had to endure in Australia…….was…….49 degrees Celsius (about 120 Fahrenheit!)

That, was hot. So hot in fact, I got into my car in the morning with a completely frozen bottle of water. Within 3 minutes, the ice in the bottle had all melted, and I naturally drank it. Then it boiled in my stomach, and I nearly died….just kidding.

Summer is coming, happy days. 





3 thoughts on “Summer Is Coming…….Oh God!

  1. Yeah? Well here, my tazmanian…ooops! I just said the T word…it’s a good old case of “winter is coming”.
    Guess what I had for breakfast?
    What was that…crumpets? Why yes I did sir! Crumpets with a good old cup of Yorkshire tea. Aaaaah!!
    And, who the hell have you been speaking to? England aint never seen 31 bloody degrees! Jesus, I think if it ever reached that ridiculous temperature the bloody reservoirs would all dry up and the pissing gas lines would blow up. It would literally be armageddon, in England anyway.
    You wanna talk about extreme weather, my Dingo romping cousin? You wanna spend a day in the bloody highlands in bloody winterrrrrr.
    It will freeze your bloody sun burnt bollocks off!
    Smiley face
    Smikey face with a wink

    Posted by henrygame | August 29, 2014, 5:40 pm
    • Yes, I imagine the figure “31 degrees” was blurted out over the phone at me in a Kent-ish accent due to pure, heat-related delirium.
      I will eventually end up living in England, so what do I need to know to get used to your weather? 😉

      Posted by sarcasticgoat | August 30, 2014, 6:59 am
      • Just remember to bring your waterproofs. It just rains constantly. It is soooo depressing. Stay where you are, if I were you Mr Goat.

        Posted by henrygame | August 30, 2014, 7:35 am

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