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Hunting – Should you kill or not?

As I’m a goat, I have a very vested interest in the whole business of hunting. I don’t want to think that I might be shot in the face by an inarticulate, half-drunk fuckwit, but it may happen one day. It may happen, because I’m a wild sarcastic-goat, I’m not one of those sad, imprisoned farm goats, I’m a rogue, a vagabond goat of the coolest kind!

But….hunting? Is it wrong or right. It is wrong, in my opinion, as a goat. We don’t mean you heavily armed people any harm. We’re no threat to you. Just let us be……..please……pleee..pleeee…pleeeaaassseee! (goat noises, shit joke, keep reading)

Hunting, as a sport, I feel, is the most grotesque waste of time a person could indulge in. You have a RIFLE, and we have teeny little hooves, there’s no competition there! If you really want to hunt me and kill me, here’s how you could do it in a somewhat morally acceptable way, here’s what you do – you get completely naked, just like us goats, then you try to kill us with your bare hands! If you can, then well done, if you can’t, then you will suffer the consequences, as myself and the rest of my goat friends eat your body slowly and deliciously!

Hunting with guns is bullshit! Hunting naked, and unarmed is acceptable! So, with that being said, bring on the sexy, young female hunters out there, I’ll be waiting for you! GGGGRRRRRHHHH!  




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