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The Best Of – – Anonymous Internet People

I don’t know who wrote the great bit of writing below, other than the fact that he or she likes to call himself or herself, “P C”. It’s a Friday night here in Australia, and people my age are going out into the city in throngs! They are going there with the expressed (often loudly and annoyingly) intention of getting “fucked up” as they say, just to have a good time, to hook up with sexy bitches and spend their hard-earned money on some good memories they can share with their grandchildren (maybe not, eh?)

“The sad truth is that most people go through life in an almost zombie-like state. They’re taught to expect that life will go a certain way, people will act a certain way, people will have certain mannerisms and say certain things, and so on. These sorts of people find it much easier to just mindlessly follow the unspoken rules of society and culture than actually think about the meaning of anything. 

And what’s even sadder is that a lot of these people don’t even realize how limited their experiences are. Some of them even think of themselves as being really different and unique, when in reality they’re just following a lot of the same unspoken rules that the supposedly “more normal” people adhere to. 

So, yeah, my advice is to get used to it, because most of the people that you encounter in your life will be that way. There are people in the world who are truly different, but they can be pretty hard to find.”

I’m feeling a bit depressed and alone and sick tonight, so I scoured the internet’s deepest, darkest corners for a few snippets of pure brilliance regarding the phenomenally identical patterns of behaviour that people of my age group (22-25) engage in. 

One thing I’ve done tonight, one thing that I’m almost positive that no one else in my age group has ever done, was to boil some water in the kettle, eat two raw cloves of garlic while waiting for the water to boil (for the antiseptic, goody good nature of the garlic), then put two bags of black tea, one bag of green tea, two pinches of sugar and a tiny little bit of instant coffee into the mug, then drink and enjoy (enjoy? not quite). Oh well, we all have our own little quirks, don’t we?   



2 thoughts on “The Best Of – – Anonymous Internet People

  1. eating raw garlic is very chinese. i love garlic though not raw. pickled is OK but not raw. messes with my stomach.

    Posted by john hauge | August 1, 2014, 1:54 pm

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