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Words I Use Far Too Much

Below is a list of words that I use WAY too much; these are words that I really must endeavour to stop using so frequently….


1. Immensely

2. Endeavour

3. Very

4. Perhaps

5. Incredibly

6. Fuck

7. Shit

8. Cunt

9. Suddenly

10. Aliens

11. Mr.

12. Jeff

13. Female

14. “Believe it or not” (a phrase, let me off the hook, please)

15. Football (soccer for all of you unenlightened folks)

16. You’ve

17. Read

18. This

19. Entire

20. List

21. For

22. No

23. Particular

24. Reason!

25. Stop

26. Wasting

27. Your

28. Time!




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