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Money Is Irrelevant – If We Make It!

Dear Money,

Hello money, we haven’t seen much of each other recently, so I thought I’d write you a forceful email!

Ahh, all those bits of paper and all those little metallic coins. These two thing rule our lives, they rule our lives to such a degree, that we judge one another for how much of this “money” stuff they have. For example, homeless people, with no money at all, are judged to be worthless, disgusting people. And infinitely rich people like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are judged to be somehow better and more sophisticated than the mere rest of us!

Money….is…..irrelevant! It doesn’t seem that way right now, but it IS! Think about it, all money is, is a collection of numbers on a computer screen on some computer in Switzerland (probably). Money is no longer based on the Gold standard. It has no real-life equivalent anymore. Nowadays it’s just 1’s and 0’s on a computer screen.

We all work for “money”. We all need it. But do we really? NO!

Money is irrelevant. We’ve just decided that we need it in our lives. This is not so. Call me a Socialist, but I think that ALL people should have equal access to EVERYTHING! (that’s socialism, I know) But it would be infinitely better than the current system, wouldn’t it? Yes, yes it would be! The system I am proposing, is quite radical and may never work, due to human nature and our baser, primal instincts. Here it is………..ALL the money on Earth is to be collected in one place, then it is to be distributed EQUALLY among EVERY single person in the world! With everyone on Earth having more or less an equal share of the mean wealth, we’d eventually find out who the real geniuses are! There might be some poor, starving kid in Africa who, with the money he deserves, figures out the cure for cancer. But with this ruthless Capitalist system we have now, we will never know. I implore you all – please do not buy into this cruel system we live in any longer. I am not a privileged, wealthy person, so I feel that I am able to tell you this without sounding like a pretentious, self-righteous CUNT!  

On a personal note, I have about 40 dollars in my bank account. And although I am quite worried about being able to buy the essential things in life, I am also very happy. I know it may sound strange, but I am actually HAPPY. For once in my life, I’ve been broke and I AM happy at the same time. I’ve finally realized……money is not everything! 





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