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My Heart Belongs To You

Many, many people use the word “heart” in totally the wrong way.

Here’s some silly uses of the word…..

1. You’ll always be in my heart! – this is very silly. What people mean when they say this, is, “you’ll always be in my brain. More specifically, the part of my brain that holds memories.”

2. My heart aches for you! – Again, people who say this, mean to say, “My brain is making me feel empathy for you and your predicament.”

3. Deep down in my heart, I’m feeling some pitiful emotion of some sort! – another flat-out wrong use of the word “heart”. People should instead say, “deep inside the crevices of my brain-matter, I feel an attraction to you, because of neuronal firings and chemical translations going on inside my fuckin’ head!”

In conclusion, the word “heart” is used far too much and far too often in the wrong way. When you hear someone using the word “heart” in this type of way, just remember, “Ha! Idiot! You should’ve used the word “brain” instead!”




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