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Everyone Loves Lists!

We all love reading lists, don’t we? Yep.

This list is a list that lists why so many people love lists.

1. They’re easy to read.

2. They charmingly combine numbers AND letters!

3. They are often about things that we care about = life, love, sex, money, celebrities, coffee, drugs etc.

4. No instructions needed to read a list. You just turn up, read each thing, scroll down, repeat!

5. You feel a very warm feeling of satisfaction after you’ve read a list. I wouldn’t say it’s as good as Heroin, but it’s still pretty good.

6. A list can range from a list of 3 things, all the way up to several thousand things! 

7. Lists were clearly invented by the pedantic, anxious nerdy people that were put in charge of list-duty in the caves when we were living in said caves! God Bless our nerdy caveman ancestors!

8. “List” is derived from the Latin word “List”, meaning “list”.

9. Lists are SO versatile. They can be used for shopping, or to track the 50 most dangerous terrorists in the world!

10. Lists, more often than not, end on a nice, round number like 10 or 5 or 20 or 50. We humans like those numbers, they make us feel secure and proper!





3 thoughts on “Everyone Loves Lists!

  1. Mr Goat, this great post shows a deep kind of wisdom that is seldom seen in these parts anymore. I would wager that with this level of intuition and, for want of a better word, sarcasm, that you Mr Goat, have been here before. So much wisdom can not be aquired over one short lifetime.
    Perpetually profound and prolifically prophetic piece of power prose ( in the form of a list…)
    Yoyrs sincerely
    Henry Game

    Posted by henrygame | July 18, 2014, 5:52 pm

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