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This post begins like an episode of The Simpsons. The first couple of minutes bear absolutely no similarity to the rest of the episode. A feature that The Simpsons has mastered, and a technique that I wish other shows would adopt! 

I am indeed a flaneur! Tis a French word which means = a person who enjoys walking around around cities, enjoying the architecture, the smells and sounds of the bustling metal and plastic vehicles going about their business. Enjoying the scenery of human flesh too – the women walking around town on a beautiful summer’s day is one of natures greatest sights. The short skirts, woohoo! The tight leggings that are worn by the jogging class of lady too! Anyway, enough of this fantasizing, let’s get down to brass taxes, whatever that means…..

For years now, the tax rates on brass have been increasing ever-so-slightly. It really gets my goat to have to pay through the teeth simply for owning a time machine made in 1960. Because my time machine is rather old-fashioned and made largely of brass, I have to spend ridiculous amounts of tax on it! The machine itself doesn’t actually work very well, for example, I wanted to go back to Ancient Rome, but the stupid brass time machine only took me back 10 days! 10 days previous was a pretty good day, actually, so it wasn’t too bad.

If you had a time machine, where (or when) would you go? And why?

If I had one that WORKED!, I would probably prefer to go into the future rather than the past. The past has been documented and written down quite a bit, so we have a very rough idea of what it was like in Ancient Rome or the Dark Ages – – but……the future? Whoah! We have literally no idea what the future holds. We could evolve into a perfect society in a thousand years, or we could blow ourselves up with worldwide nuclear war in just a few months! Who knows?

Of course, the temptation that creeps up on you when you have a working Time Machine, is one of lust and power. If you go back in time with some modern technology, you will inevitably show your magical devices to the native people of the time. They would bow down at your feet and worship you like a God! I’d like to think that I would not do that……but hell, who wouldn’t eventually!?






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