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When The Zombies Come

When the zombies come, I shall be readily prepared,

I’ve played enough DayZ to know what to pack – – guns, beans, soda and flares.

The zombies aren’t too good though, they run in zig-zags and glitch through walls

To run into town is scary, it takes big ol’ balls!


The bandits haunt the towns like moths to a flame,

they prey on the new, young and old. They kill relentlessly, again and again!

When push comes to shove, you enter the town, you need the baked beans,

then a bandit pops up from a shrub, and shoots, shoots shoots, and destroys your spleen!


You’re lying on the ground, with broken legs and in desperate need of bandaging,

these are the little things that The Walking Dead never shows,

the tedious injuries and the boring journeys you make, crawling and bleeding,

that’s why when the zombies come, I’ll be cool and calm.


With broken legs and bleeding profusely, I’ll stay calm and not panic,

the zombies won’t care, they’ll stick act all manic,

running in zig-zags and avoiding ‘dem bandits,

Oooh, I found a helicopter, with a broken tail rotor, let’s hop I can land it!


Zombies will come, will you be ready for it!?

No good hiding in your kitchen, under the faucet.

They’ll find you, they’ll try to eat you, then the bandits will come,

My advice? Just run and shoot, and shoot and run!





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