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Music is the language of love…..wait, not love, Snobbery

If you berate somebody for their taste in music, you’re an asshole! If you take it personally when someone likes different sounds in their ears, sounds that you personally don’t like, leave it the FUCK ALONE! It’s none of your business, go away!

I like The Beatles……uhm and a band called Stuff. To be honest, I’m not much of a music person. I don’t seek out new bands or interesting little innovative sounds coming out of Seattle or Humpty-Doo! This does not make me a bad person, it just makes me boring. Musically boring.

Oh, I also like big band Jazz with Buddy Rich on the drums, or just percussion music in general. If you approach me at a party, and say that the tiny amount of music I like is not cool or hip, I may very well shit in your pecan pie when you’re not looking!

That is all.

Enjoy your own musical taste, and don’t talk down to people whose musical tastes don’t gel with yours.

Go away. 




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