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You Absolutely CAN Make Money Blogging

Blogging is a paltry business for most. We toil away on articles and ideas with the hope of having people enjoy them and share them around with their circle of friends, or inmates! 

For those of us not born into families of vast wealth, we have to find ways to make a living. We find conventional jobs, which we hate, then we retire and spend our last years on Earth lying down on lounge chairs on the side of a pool in a hotel in Sri Lanka or some shit! But for those of us who yearn to make a living doing creative things, whether it be on the interwebs or by printing and selling wacky, urbane, ironic T-shirts. But this creative life is not easy. Most people don’t appreciate your efforts, and even more people won’t even consider the possibility of the slightest chance of giving you money for your creative efforts.

With that self-righteous spiel out of the way, I’d just like announce that I’ve made my first bundle of money through my blog. I use the word “bundle” quite wrongly, but it sounds cool, so I’ll stick with it. That’s right, I’ve made a grand total of 2 dollars and 30 cents – – I found those 3 coins under my keyboard, but nonetheless, I’ve finally made money blogging!

Australian coins are pretty neat, huh!?


Moneez, yeah da moneez! Woop woop, dats da sound a da police! (sorry, I turn a bit hip-hop when I’m excited)




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