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A Comedian Dies….

Mr. O’Neal was a large black gentleman. His physical appearance intimidated many a scared, white person. Luckily for everyone, Patrice just happened to be one of the funniest human beings that ever walked the Earth. Upon meeting Mr. O’Neal for the first time, many white people expressed fear and uneasiness. But when they heard him talk and laugh and make jokes and orate, they fell instantly in love, and wanted to be around him 24/7. 

He died a few years ago. He had diabetes, had a stroke and died a few weeks later. Dave Attell said after his death, “We’ve got a purple suit to buy and an enormous coffin”.

Louis C.K. considered Patrice funnier than himself, as did possibly every non-delusional stand up comedian in the world. 

Patrice was a kindhearted, sweety pie deep down. But, blessed with a wit quicker than Oscar Wilde and an imagination more inventive than Salvador Dali, Patrice could eviscerate anybody with frightening ease if they did him wrong. 

Fabled for burning bridges in his comedy career, he simply would not bow down to authority or unfunny executives. If it was his desire, Patrice could have had a primetime show, a radio DJ job AND a writing job on WWE wrestling simultaneously. But he preferred to float around, visiting friends on the radio, doing the odd bit of stand up in a New York club, and playing the story-modes on first-person-shooter video games!

He was not afraid to make fun of his own people, often in BRUTAL ways that no white racist could ever think of! He was an enemy of the PC brigade. He once proclaimed “I love Hate-Speech”.

He was quite possibly a sex addict. He enjoyed having his asshole licked, his nipples played with and could talk virtually any two girls into a threesome. Great man, great man. He flew down to Brazil several times to “enjoy” the Brazilian women and their astonishing bodies for less than half the price of any American escort/hooker/prostitute/slag/whatever ya want!

He’s dead. And has been for a few years. Luckily there is an ENORMOUS catalogue of Patrice O’Neal bits and pieces on the Youtubes. You’re welcome.






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