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Poem of Life, Love and Taxes

Ooops, sorry, I meant “taxis”, not taxes. I don’t earn enough to pay taxes, so I naturally don’t know a fuck about it.


Taxis can take you anywhere you want, life stops you from doing anything you want, and love is just the odd one out, because it’s not real, obviously!

Taxis are definitive things, as is life, unfortunately, but love is shrouded in soppy words and sappy obfuscating!

I have a life, I occassionally ride in taxis, but love…..you elusive prick, you’re the one “ubiquitous” thing that I’ve yet to see from, hear from, get a saucy email from.

Life can be great if you know what you’re doing, taxis are great in any case, they’ll take you where you need to be, but love….to me you’re as invisible as the building blocks of matter, protons and electrons.

Life is like a box of chocolates, taxis are like a box of wasted money, and love is like a box of wine, alone, in the dark, watching cat videos on Youtube.

The closest I’ve ever come to love, was waxing and cleaning my priceless Pokemon card, the genetically engineered beast, Mewtwo!

Life lasts for 75 years, if you’re lucky. Taxis cost you 75 bucks, just to go to the shops and back. But love, we’re told, is priceless……….yuck.

In my opinion, love, of the type we’re taught, does not exist. It’s all about food and water and shelter and fucking!

Love between two people forever, simply cannot be real, it defies the laws of quantum dynamic theory, trust me on this, I’m the Lurv-Doctor!

It’s a wishy-washy idea, shrouded in shit words and poo ideals, let’s all just fuck whoever we want, raise whoever’s kids we want and get on with being the wild animals we all really are!

The idea of raising your own kids on your own as parents, is a ludicrous idea, really. Two heads are better than one, but five heads are better than two, why not spread your kids around so they can learn from a variety of people and cultures?

If life really was a box of chocolates, then, in this day and age, there would be a complex set of instructions on how to open and enjoy life! But no, we’re left clueless as to life’s best meaning.

Some people view life as being best used for religious purposes. Those people are doomed to a life of servitude and fear, taxis though, offer multiple services that you can choose within your own discretion!

Even religion, “the worlds greatest thing” cannot offer the sort of variety and choice that taxis can, that says a lot. Religion is brain-rot!

I did not set out to make this an anti-religion post, but I’m in the flow, the barrage, the mot juste!

Life is hard, taxis are cool and love only exists in Tom Cruise movies!

Bye bye. 





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