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Alcohol vs Marijuana. This Time it’s Personal!

As I pulled up this page to write this drivel, I became sidetracked by the new format. This is surely a grand old day for the world’s premier blogging website. Eat a fat poop, Google Blogger!

This new format – It’s a bit old-school, it’s a little robotic looking. It’s got the feel of a science fiction thriller made in the 80’s, with the really ancient computers that can only run DOS, and have the futuristic (for the time) green, Matrix style font.

Also, for a complete fucking change of topic, I’ve become quite an avid listener of The Opie and Anthony Show. Lil’ Jimmy is adorable, Anthony is racist and gun-crazy, Vos is an idiot and Bob Kelly is fat! Honestly, you all should listen to this show. It’s genuinely funnier than literally ANY comedy show on TV right now.

I’ve also considered deleting my Facebook account, which would mean saying goodbye to my 69 friends, honestly that’s the number of friends I have. 69. I probably won’t end up deleting my Facebook, like most people who say they will.

In Australia, we have a thing called “Dry July”. Basically you try to go the whole month without drinking. I thought I’d give it a whirl, but a few hours ago I failed. As soon as I cracked the top off of a bottle of Vodka, I knew I had disappointed the entire nation. We drink WAY too much in Australia. From the amount of tax you pay on the cheapest bottle of vodka (25 dollars) over here, you should be knighted, or given a lifetime supply of glutathione (a chemical that apparently gets rid of hangovers almost completely).

Alcohol is a fucking nightmare substance when you think about it. It is literally a poison. A hangover is your body saying, “What the fuck, man!? You trying to kill me?” When marijuana is illegal, but liquid poison is totally legal AND celebrated to the extent that it is, is insane. So insane in fact, I’m gonna have a drink! But seriously, we’ve all seen this before – – A teenager comes home to his parents’ house really, really drunk. His parent’s know he’s drunk and they help him get upstairs and into bed. They don’t show much concern at all. They shrug this off in the following way, “Oh, boys will be boys. He is going to feel awful in the morning, hahaha”. Yet, when said young man comes home smelling of marijuana, his parents freak the fuck out! They yell at him and berate him. Why do they do this, though? When he comes home drunk, he’s in a very dangerous state, he’s capable of utter stupidity and vomiting. Yet, when he comes home having enjoyed a hit or two of marijuana, he comes home enlightened and inspired and genuinely happy and contented. Then he gets yelled at for being in this state of mind. Fucked up!

Feel free to share some of your own experiences with alcohol or marijuana.




6 thoughts on “Alcohol vs Marijuana. This Time it’s Personal!

  1. there are many alcohol and drug related ‘stories’ in my blog. you should subscribe. or i’ll probably fade away. smoking pot is worse than smoking cigarettes. both of which i did for years. not anymore
    though. it’s been over 20 years. i quit cold turkey but you have to want to quit. if i were going to smoke dope again i’d have to get me one of those ‘electric igniter’ thingys which supposedly cancel out the bad aspects of inhaling smoke. though is a few years they’ll probably change their mind about them as well.

    Posted by john hauge | July 3, 2014, 7:03 pm
  2. Good piece mate but I can’t say I agree with the alcohol vs marihuana conclusion. There has never been proper research to what marihuana on a daily basis does to the brain. As a Dutchman I can tell you that my experience is that it makes people dumb and lazy. In my opinion thie stupidness is a direct effect from not training the brain enough. Watching comedies with the munchies is not challenging enough I guess. However don’t think I am defending the ban on marihuana. I believe everyone should be free to use whatever they want (well maybe not heroine, but you get the point).
    As for alcohol… Sure there are plenty of dangers, but check this article we wrote some time ago. I shows that people who remain completely abstinent have a higher chance of dieing young than heavy drinkers. Puts things in perspective right? 🙂


    Posted by lordsofthedrinks | July 3, 2014, 8:06 pm
    • Wow, that research makes me feel a bit better about my own drinking habits! haha.

      But I would say that the alcohol isn’t the thing that makes people actually live longer, it’s the stress reduction. And alcohol just happens to be one of the best stress reducers. If you’re 50, you don’t drink and you have a lot of stress in your life, you’re much more likely to die of a heart attack or stroke or something than another stressed out 50 year old who relaxes after work with a bottle of wine.
      Just a theory.

      Posted by sarcasticgoat | July 4, 2014, 3:59 am
      • Interesting theory. Now that I think about it you might be right. People are way to stressed in this world. Got to have this, got to have that and all as soon as possible. I can see many people from my generation (early 30’s) age really fast. As where a happy drunkard like myself don’t really have this problem (knock on wood).

        Posted by lordsofthedrinks | July 4, 2014, 6:58 am

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