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Rant on People

Let me tell you the tale of a young man, a young man called Fred. Fred was not one of the “hot” guys in school. He wasn’t one of the cool musicians, or one of the jocks. He wasn’t great at math, and he had trouble looking people in the eye, he was oh so shy. Because of the perceived lack of any worthwhile qualities or traits by his peers and colleagues, Fred was a bit of a loner and no one really ever bothered trying to talk to him or ask him what he thought about anything in particular. Fred, as it happens, was incredibly thoughtful, creative, quick-witted, playful and had a very wide range of interests – from Formula One cars to Electric guitars. Even though Fred had all these immensely positive traits, no one he worked with or met briefly ever found out! They never found out because Fred tended to dress like a funeral director, he smelled very faintly of sweat, he had no piercings or tattoos, he did not enjoy listening to current music, he played video games until 3 in the morning and so always looked tired and possibly drugged up, and they also never found out these cool things about Fred because……..Fred didn’t much like those people. Those sheeple. Those all-too-common, generic meat-sacks, who all like the same things, who all have tribal tattoos even if they grew up in plush middle classness! Those people who are very afraid to look like an average Joe, or average Fred. The ones that prefer the Small Faces, because The Beatles are far too mainstream. Those shits who actually believe that money and material things are intrinsically important, those who decorate their houses and bodies with cool and hip fashions that cost quite a lot of money, all the while they’ll tell you that they’re broke and that money is “like” “not a guaranteed happiness buyer, dude”.

Fred does not attend parties, nor does he go out to nightclubs or other similar abominable venues. Fred does get admiring glances from the women-folk, though. He enjoys the glances he receives from ladies, but he doesn’t know quite how to go about talking to them without looking like a shaking, quivering mess. Those ridiculous Alpha-male type guys look down their noses at Fred. They don’t openly mock or bully him though, Fred is pleased about this, because he has a wit and speed of thought that could easily dispatch with those big, bullying types of men. Fred has friends, but he doesn’t see them very often at all. They like being around him, but seemingly only in small doses. They don’t invite Fred to places that he would genuinely like to go to, so Fred consoles himself by talking to friends over the internet. Friends who cannot judge Fred by his appearance or social standing, because on the internet, Fred is the man to be around. He’s clever and funny and routinely gets the phone numbers of adoring females, even though he never follows up on these opportunities.

Fred has a small, cosy house. He has a small, cosy car. His bank account is lackluster to say the least, but he keeps on keeping on. People like Fred are quite possibly some of the happiest, most contented people in the world. But, people like Fred are viewed as not being of any significant importance, because they do not fit into any specific group or niche. The Freds of the world don’t care for convention, they don’t care about looking cool or trendy, they’re quite happy being average in the eyes of the rest of the people that inhabit the planet.

People like Fred are ignored in school, both by their other pupils and by their teachers. If people like Fred were embraced and celebrated, they could all grow up to be truly great people, perhaps great leaders, even though Freds probably don’t enjoy bossing others around. A common technique employed by schools all around the world is this whole “team based” approach to solving problems. Freds don’t particularly enjoy working in teams. They are far superior when they work alone, in solitude, alone with their thoughts and ideas. Team based problem solving is a thing that works only for people who are extroverted and boisterous. The Freds of the world are not this type of person. They can and do work better on their own. Always have, always will.

The perfectly average Freds of the world are seen as being weird or strange if they speak up and actually voice their opinions on various matters. This has to change if the world is going to make any real progress. As far as I’ve seen and read, not one single Fred has been put in a position of authority. Authority in terms of Prime Minister or President. Just one true Fred, if made President or likewise, could have the potential to govern their people in the most fair and just way that no one other leader has ever managed in the history of the world. The various leaders of countries in the world, particularly in Western countries (UK, Australia, U.S.A. etc) nowadays pretend to be like a Fred. They are constantly trying to appeal to the normal people. They never achieve this, and they make themselves look like right dicks/dickettes in the process. This is because no Fred has ever been elected into power, because most people like gregarious characters and humourous dunces to be their leaders (George Bush Jr, Boris Johnson etc).

If you are a Fred – and I think I’m one – please do not be afraid to speak up and actually converse with the other humans that live on this Earth with you. We Freds must stand together, united. We must voice our intellects. We must tell the world that we aren’t just cogs in a vast global machine, but rather, we’ve discovered how that machine works, and we’ve got some brilliant solutions on how to make that machine work so much better if only you’d ask us!

Freds of the world UNITE!

Bye bye.              



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