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Technology………….*beep*….*beep*…….DEATH! – Google in 50 years.

This will become the norm, ladies and gentlemen. Get ready for Google-brain technology. Google is acquiring an astonishing number of technology companies and new and innovative ideas –  – Boston Dynamics, for example (the incredibly impressive robotics company that makes the creepy yet awesome, robot Dogs, and robot Cheetahs). People say Google is Skynet, and will eventually turn on us and therefore make the Terminator series of films the first ever real retrospective documentaries! But, it’s inevitable. We will have to either merge with technology, or halt the progress of technology, and therefore let the terrorists win. It’s that simple!   

“The year, 2064. The place, Earth (fourth quadrant of the Northern Eurasian Confederacy). 

A young boy is born, to loving parents, in the cleanest, safest hospital in all of Northern Eurasian landmass. Exactly ten seconds after his birth, the doctors and nurses leave the room silently and clinically. For a few seconds, the room is occupied only by the young boy, his parents and a machine that goes *beep*. Then, rather abruptly, and with a very strange and inexplicable sense of inevitability and familiarity, three men dressed completely in blue, strolled in, grabbed the young boy, shook him around a little bit, then laid him down on a special tray they’d brought in with them. The parents did not make a sound, nor did they stop these men from taking their child.

The blue men seemed to examine the child. They scanned him with all sorts of beeping, whirring machines. After about 5 minutes of this, they took a plunger looking device and attached it to the top of the young boy’s head. The plunger looking thing whizzed and popped and banged, and finally a very sharp “shhinnk” sound pierced the room…then silence.

The men in blue then took the child back to his parents’ arms. The men, as they walked out of the room, casually, yet forcefully announced to the parents; “You’re welcome, Mr. and Mrs. Jones, your newborn son now has Google implanted into his brain.””





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