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Am I Mad?

For the last several days, an abysmal feeling of boredom mixed with anger, resentment and childish petulance has ruled my brain. I don’t know exactly what has caused this. I have a bit more money than usual, the World Cup is on which I love, and my social life has blossomed to an all time high of 3 meaningful interactions in a week! Whoah! I can’t think of anything that would cause my brain to go “Ah, no. No thanks, we’ll be back in 5 minutes, dude”.

Is this depression, what I’m feeling? Or am I just stuck in a brain-rut? Are the two things the same? What is the meaning of life? Why do CDs come wrapped in superglue plastic? Why can’t Chinese people(famed for their food) make half-decent chips!? 

Okay, only the first two of those questions was genuine. 




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