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Do You Believe?

In God I mean. Any of the Gods – Allah, Yahweh, Jesus, The Flying Spaghetti Monster?

If you do, and I know if you’re reading this, you’ll most likely be Catholic, Muslim, any of the various different Christian faiths or perhaps a Buddhist, then I shall address this post to you exclusively. Any Jains reading this, please feel free to respond, just make sure there are no microscopic bugs on your keyboard that you could accidentally kill, lest you be guilty of mass genocide of tiny creatures. 

I would like to say that you are totally free to believe in any religion or philosophy you want to, except for Bieberism, that’s not allowed, and punishable by death I believe. But, when you start to dictate governmental policies because your religion wants certain things to be in place, that’s when I simply must disagree with you. A large proportion of Muslims wanting Sharia Law in Britain, alongside standard British law? Nahhhh, not going to happen, dudes. Hardline Catholics, and I mean really hardline Catholics, bombing and burning abortion clinics? You CANNOT do that, you may disagree with abortion and you’re free to do so, but taking the law into your own hands is not going to be tolerated anymore – religion has ruled the civilized planet for such a long time, and for the few hundred years that religion has NOT ruled the land and the laws, the most prosperous and enlightened period of human history has sprung up! Coincidence? I think not.

I don’t like the word Atheist, but if I was cornered in a very boring party and the question was asked vehemently, I would have to concede that I indeed am an Atheist. It’s a stupid word, atheist. It seems to glorify the meaningless, the lack of anything. There’s no special word for the lack of belief in fairies or leprechauns, and I don’t see any of the thousands of Gods to be any different from fairy-tale creatures.

Just to reassure the religious here – I personally love the way that Muslim architecture looks. The brightly coloured domes and spires, they look awesome, I think. Also, almost all of modern science was built upon the groundwork that the early Muslim scholars/scientists laid down, and we’re all indebted to those people. I’m not much of an art fan, so I can’t express any particular fondness for religious artwork, although I know that religious artwork is revered across the entire world for it’s simple beauty and clarity.

Religious music? Well, I only know that black gospel music, and later inspired gospel funk/R&B music is the best music on Earth. I don’t know if that kind of music could have been created without religion, and I don’t really care, because it’s brilliant and I’m too busy dancing to care!

Well, that’s about it folks. Believe whatever you like, please don’t force it onto other people, and definitely do not try to influence your governments into enforcing policies that YOU want to be put in place because your big Sky-Daddy says so!

Peace out, motherlovers! 





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