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Game Of Thrones (a review from one who has never seen it)

I have not watched one single episode of this sports program – I’m assuming it’s about sports since it’s got the word Game in the title. Just from first glance of the title and some ominous looking medieval graphics I’ve seen, the premise of the show would appear to be some kind of Medieval musical chairs! Game of Thrones = musical chairs set hundred of years ago when thrones were enjoying their most popular period.

The incredibly sexy lady with the white hair would appear to be the lead character. I suppose she is the referee of the musical chairs, and probably a real hard-ass! “Oooh yeah, kinky white hair” (probably one of the show’s many catchphrases)

The short little guy apparently features quite a lot in the show, I don’t know why, because it would surely be very difficult for a man of his diminished height to compete competitively at musical chairs – maybe he’s the tragic comic type character.

I’ve heard that there are dragons and wolves and all sorts of mythical creatures in Game of Thrones (wolves aren’t mythical I’ve just realized). This is very interesting, if the show is indeed about Medieval musical chairs, then why on Earth would dragons and other silly creatures be in it? I don’t know. But I like the fact that the writers of the show have clearly let their imaginations go off on crazy tangents! “Hey guys? How ’bout this? A dragon comes in and incinerates all of the chairs? Fuckin’ hell, that’d be SICK!”

Game of Thrones in conclusion, is quite clearly something that has NEVER been attempted before in the history of television. I like that, I may have to watch a few episodes. I might be pleasantly surprised! As long as there’s no sex! No sex, boobies, bums, side-boobies, blood, gore, adult themes or any of that evil shite! I’m expecting a hearty, wholesome family show, okay?!

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2 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones (a review from one who has never seen it)

  1. i watched maybe 10 minutes of one episode a few years ago. then quickly changed the channel and never went back. that being said, i think you’ve pretty much nailed it.

    Posted by john hauge | June 15, 2014, 11:32 pm

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