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A Poem That Does Not Rhyme (also, hipster rant)

None of the things in this will sound like any other thing in it,

it’s hard at first, to read a poem that does not rhyme,

if it’s too much of a shock to your system,

you’ll have to just adjust and deal with the fact,

the fact that rhyming is SOOO last year, I’m a hipster now.

A Hipster poet, with a measly 100 or so followers, I love you all, wait, no I don’t, love is SOOO last year also!

Writing a poem that rhymes is for little baby kids,

not one of the big poets in history ever did rhyming, except for quite a few of them.

I know what you’re thinking……this poem is fucking SHIT!

I agree somewhat. It’s different and unique, I’m a Hipster now, as I said just seconds before this sentence.

Rhyming poems are like reading a silly song or something,

they flow and flow and please the tongue,

much unlike a hooker’s love!

OH SHIT! I just rhymed! I can’t do that…….ever again!

I simply must stop that stupid rhyming shit,

rhyming poems are SOOO old, like old internet, 64 bit!

FUCK! I did it again, stop stop stop this madness,

I’m a Hipster now, I go around boring old people in my local hospice,


It’s not acceptable, this bullshit must STOP!

I’m a Hipster poet now, I only buy clothes from the 2 dollar shop!


No more, I’ve got it under control now,

Oh no! The skin tight jeans I like are all sold out!

…………………………fucking hell, I’m rhyming again.

I am a hipster now, and proud of it, no more rhyming, that’s the deal,

I will not rhyme, I will not rhyme, I will not rhyme, I like clubbing seals!







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