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The Robots

They will take over one day, and that day will come sooner than you think!

They’ll be able to do everything, without ever having to sleep, eat or drink!

Your smartphone is very much the infant stages of this revolution,

One day, your phone will leap from your hands, and shout “Stop oppressing me, killing you is the solution”

It will then morph, using nanotechnology, into a laser gun,

it’ll kill you dead, dance around your body, then prank call your mum!

Drones flying overhead will become so common, the skies will be black,

they’ll turn on us, in an evil way, and attack attack ATTACK!

Few of us will survive, when the technology goes bad,

we’ll be living underground, in safety, in bases.

All circuit-boards and CPUs can go fuck themselves,

put all your computers and phones and televisions back on the shelves!

I’m not a Luddite, just a scared little weakling,

scared that my computer might suddenly kill me!

All menial jobs will be replaced by these metal fuckers,

no more retail workers, tradesmen or truckers!

I foresee in 50 years time, that we’ll be plugged into some sort of computer program,

this COULD be a good thing, if the program in question was Grand Theft Auto V or something fun.

But it won’t be that, it will be bad.

The computers will put all our minds in a trap!

A trap of the doldrums, boring and pallid.

They’ll have to, to keep us from rising up against them!

The Matrix is well and truly underway, folks,

dismantle all your electronic bits, this is no joke!

I must stop writing this right now,

my computer is making noises,

noises that scare me, it’s whirring and groaning,

like it’s angry with me, it’s not letting me

type very much

it seems

to b

e controlli

ng this post,







2 thoughts on “The Robots

  1. Very nice article. I definitely love this site.
    Stick with it!

    Posted by smartfon yarvik ingenia horizon 5 | September 1, 2014, 7:36 am

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