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Bored, Broke and Banal (the three B’s)

Can’t think of much to write, ah alas, such is life!

When a person is judged solely by the contents of their bank account,

it leads to turmoil, Shibe doge says, “Yep, much strife”.

If I was King, this capitalist system I’d get rid of. Denounce and renounce!


Boredom creeps in as you sit alone at home,

watching clips of old shows on the Tube of You.

For the seventh time, you’re watching Maradona’s goal of the century, and Messi, his younger clone!

Only getting up occassionally to stretch your body, or perhaps have a poop.


Banal is the word of the moment. Boredom and broke were yesterday,

that 28 dollars in the bank is safe and sound,

If I had much more than that, I’d feel drowned.

Just the basics, cigarettes, petrol, milk and bread. Yay!


One of these days I shall have some more money,

I’ll start a business, squeezing bees to get their honey!

Watch out, Steve Jobs,

I’ll have more bees than can fit on 10 million crops.


Bees are quite cool, aren’t they?

Much cuter than ants and very clever organizers.

If you wanna have a party, hire some bees to sort out everything,

only problem – the food and drink shall be covered in stings!


I think I’ve lost track a little bit.

This poem started off as an attack on our society,

Then the bee talk began, and it all went to shit!

It’s a trademark poem by SarcasticGoat proprietary.


Anyway and anyhow, life is short, money is useless,

“get a real job” say the sheep, sipping their booze juice.

Have a good day, don’t hurt anyone,

I’m very bored, I may have some wars with my thumbs!








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