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Video Game Violence? Irony, Funny, Glimpse Into The Mind Of The Anti-

Today, I went to the video game shop, not to buy any particular game, but rather to return a game I had rented and forgot about….for 3 YEARS!

Anyhow, I was stood in front of the counter, waiting the guy behind the counter to do his business (I mean admin, paper-based business, not business of the toilet variety, which can be paper-based as well I suppose). As I waited there, looking around the place, a middle-aged woman came in to return something. Her little kid, maybe 7 or 8 years of age, was nagging her vehemently. He nagged and nagged for this one particular game. The woman was not happy about this. She seemed to snap. She started lecturing her small child about the violence of video games and how the virtual violence would lead her kid utterly down the wrong path in life. The kid was not phased by this and kept on nagging, thoroughly annoying his mother, and the entire shop.

What happened next was quite simply one of the most hypocritical and darkly funny things I’ve ever seen…….

The lady (who remember, was very much against video game violence) hit her son on the top of his head with the bottom part of a clenched fist. The son then fell into a crouching sort of fetal position, then rolled over onto his side, whimpering slightly.

This act of mild violence by a thoroughly anti-violent woman reminded me so much of the way that Mario would jump on his enemies heads to dispatch them. I laughed, OUT LOUD, for quite some time in the shop, and also for a long time in the car on the way back home!

Bye bye.  




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