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The Entire Works Of Me…..

Here below this darker shade of lettering you are reading right now at this present moment, don’t deny it, are the entire works of myself. I’ve written roughly 100 posts, give or take 101, and I thought I’d share THEM ALL with you. So get comfy, light up a cigar, open a bottle of champagne, then throw both the cigar and booze out the window, because they’re BAD, rather get a cup of green tea, and a weed vaporizer and settle down to read the entire works of me!

(p.s. there was an error that occurred when the entire works of me was being converted into the WordPress format, so it’s all in fucking binary!………..sorry)


0101010101010101010111110100010101011010101101001011010010101010010110100101101001011010010110100101101001010110101001010101101010100101101001011010010010101101101011011010110110101101101011011010110110101101101010100100000111011111110001010101010101010101010101LOL01010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101011010101010101…………..recurring. It gets a bit repetitive after the first hundred 0’s and 1’s.




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