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Ladies, Listen Up!

Howdy y’all, how y’all doin’? (Majorly disappointing Texan accent, for some reason)

I’m not from Texas, not that I wish I was, or wasn’t. I’m sure Texas is a lovely place – lots of sun-tanned beautiful people and good ol’ American whiskey!

Anyway, I am writing this blob of pallid shit in order to ask the women-folk out there – What do you find attractive in a man. I’m sorry if it’s insensitive to exclude the homosexual ladies out there, you’re all fine and dandy with me. But, this question I’m asking is specifically directed towards heterosexual women.

So, again – What characteristics, personality-wise AND physical-wise, attract you most in a man? 

I’m only asking this because I already know what men like in a woman – mostly their own penises!

But, ladies. Gorgeous, mystically enchanting ladies – please describe your perfect man in no less than several words! Actually, no. If you’d care to go in to vast detail, really detailing each and every feature of a man’s personality and body you’d love to experience, then go for it! If you don’t wish to do this, then I can only assume you are an asexual World of Warcraft fanatic who forces their own natural sexual instincts down, deep deep down, every day, in order to devote more time to your Level 85 Paladin. (just kidding)

A few words will do just fine.




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