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Your Muscles Speak Volumes About Your Character!

If you’re an incredibly muscular man, specifically a man – then you’re most likely to be a liar. A scary liar, but a liar nonetheless. 

Approaching a very muscular man one day, I asked him, “Why did you choose to develop your body in this way”? He replied, in a terrifyingly deep voice, “I did this because I wanted to change my life in a positive way. I did this because I wanted to look better for MYSELF and no one else!”

The answer he gave me, although heartfelt and full of sincerity on his part, was false. I didn’t call him a liar straight to his face, not just because he could’ve literally thrown me through a window, but also because his pecs were so big, I couldn’t even see his damn face!

The simple truth of the matter is, men develop enormous muscles because they want to appeal to the opposite sex. EVERYTHING men do is to attract the attention of women! The way men behave, the way we talk, the amount of money we make and so on and so forth. Everything we do, whether we want to admit it or not, is to get the ladies looking at us in a positive way!

So, all you muscular guys out there;

Stop all the lies. We all know that you’re bodies are jacked up on testosterone, and so you’re horny all the time. We know you want to get as many women as you can pick up and carry! Why lie about this? No “normal” man is going to fight back with any vigour or strength against you. Just own up to the fact – You are overly muscly (in a way that nature never intended, by the way) because you like women, and you want them to like you too!

Please don’t hit me, Goodbye! 



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