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Socio-grouping-theory thingy!

Social cliques form and they stay formed quite tightly. I just got back from my job in a supermarket. And to be completely truthful, I don’t talk very much while I’m there – sometimes I don’t talk to anyone at all (unless a customer asks me a question, in which case I’m contractually obliged to talk at their face until they go away). I’m not one of the popular people there, because almost all of the people I work with directly are 4 or 5 or more years younger than me. They’re still in high school and they act like they’re in high school. 

I’m sure we all went to high school. If you were part of the popular gang of kids, then stop reading this immediately, I’m not going to be very kind about the popular group you were part of.

Just like in high school, popular “cool” people in the workplace seem to gravitate towards each other. They seem to be able to sense when another cool person is in the general vicinity as if by some sort of “Cooldar”(RADAR that picks up on coolness, pretty obvious really). The attractive alpha males attract the sexy alpha females. And then the alphas may allow a select number of other people they deem acceptable to join in their clique. This is how cults start, ladies and gentlemen!

I know that social cliques form because of our ape-like instincts. Our desire to be part of a group and to be accepted and whatnot. But we’re not living in caveman times, people! Let go of the stolid, fixed clique formations. Get out there, popular dudes and dudettes – go and talk to a nerd or someone you’d usually dismiss like a soup made out of pus.

I don’t know if there’s something wrong with me – because I’ve never been able to fall into any one specific clique. I end up wandering in and out of lots of different social groups, and whilst I’ve never been rejected outright, I’m never being fully accepted by any one of the groups.

Oh well, we’re humans, and humans are bloody stupid. We still have nuclear weapons pointed at each other, we’re still racist and homophobic (not I, and not you I hope), we pollute this planet relentlessly, we waste food and so on and so on. So, social cliques will continue well into the future – and the only positive thing I can conclude from this sad fact, is that one day…..all the popular people will grow old and start to smell like urine and bad cologne, and no one will want to hang around them anymore! *high pitched giggling* 



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