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Dear Employers: Your Lackadaisical Nature Is NOT Appreciated (poem)

Over the past few months, I’ve been searching the vast expanses of the interwebs looking for a second day job.

Only two interviews have been arranged so far. This is all very good. And I thank you nice people for taking the time.

But, as I’ve unfortunately found out, the vast amount of employers are serial email dodgers.

And if they do finally answer your email application, they respond with a half-assed message not worthy of a lazy feline.

Perhaps searching online for jobs is not the ideal way to do it.

Scouring the world wide web every hour, every minute.

This is my life we’re talking about, have you people heard of “self-awareness”?

You do know that there are people out there, jobless, stuck in a greasy, dirty mess!

Maybe I’m being a little too serious, so here is a message for the people behind the millions of job ads on the internet:

“Respond, respond respond to your applicants as if YOUR job was on the line, only then will you stop poor, young people from giving up and pulling on fishnets!




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