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Double Standards Are Hilarious!

Men can’t go in a womens’ bathroom, but also, a woman can’t enter a mens’ bathroom. The men going into the womens’ bathroom is obviously much more of a problem, since they could have bad intentions and might try to do something awful. A woman going into the mens’ bathroom isn’t such a big problem, because they’re probably not going to rape any of the men.

Rowdy woman: Wait, wait, wait a minute. Are you saying that women can’t rape?! Women can rape just as good as men can – we’re all equal in this world. There are lots and lots of cases of women raping men, look it up.

Me: Okay, I think that you don’t know what the hell you’re saying. Rape is not a competition. Men tend to rape women quite a bit more than the other way around. I’m not proud of that fact, I’m not justifying it in any way, I’m just stating a fact.

Rowdy woman (slightly drunk at this point): Yeah, yeah yeah. But women are just as good as men, so we can rape just as well as men can.

At this point, I left the pub and never returned.  



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