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Weird Thought Of The Day

Okay, I’ll just get right into this thought, it’s one that has just come to me recently.

So, when we die, we rot. We start to decay and decompose at a quick rate. When we’re in the coffin under the ground, we start to fall apart very quickly. We all know this.

But, why don’t we decompose when we’re alive? If we are alive, and we stay still for an extended period of time (say, you’re in a coma), why don’t you start to decompose? You’re not getting any solid food in you, you’re not expending any energy getting fluids down. Logically you should start to decompose as if you were dead, shouldn’t you?

Any scientists reading this – feel free to reply.

Ciao. (I’m not Italian, by the way) So, goodbye.  



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