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Marijuana Should Be Legal, But Alcohol Is Still Better!

People bang on and on about how marijuana is a harmless drug, which can enlighten your consciousnesses and help you to connect with others around you in a deep and meaningful way. All of this is probably true, but I still won’t be taking or buying any of this particular substance. Why?

Because, I don’t want to get out of my own head. I live in my head, I want to stay in there so I can continue to function in a recognizable way. If I was to take marijuana or another possibly hallucinogenic drug that may very well be harmless, I would still be entering into some other form of consciousness that I’m not quite sure I want to enter into or not. If my entire view of the world was changed by a DMT trip that I was able to endure legally, then I’m not positive that I would be the same person. If I took a certain amount of DMT, and my whole world-view was changed, I think I would be very, very disturbed.

I need to be present in my own shitty world. Alcohol, for me, has always been useful. You see, alcohol, in any dose, never changes my personality. I never become angry or violent or aggressive no matter how much alcohol I imbibe. Count me lucky in that case. I stay exactly the same when I’m drunk as fuck. Sure, writing these posts is a little bit more difficult when you’ve had a dozen glasses of vodka, but it’s worth it if your personality isn’t changed in any real way – because you can still express your thoughts, albeit in a much slower, more laboured manner. 

So, my conclusion is: if you like smoking weed, then do it. If you like drinking a lot, then drink like it’s going to be taken away from you the next day. Enjoy your lives, but don’t for one minute think that you’re better than me because you smoke the occasional joint or pop the spasmodic amount of ecstasy. You’re not better than me, you’re just doing a different thing. I like to drink a lot, you like to smoke weed, or take ecstasy, let’s leave it there. No need for your pretentious viewpoints. Everybody I know that smokes weed or takes hallucinogenics is quite a far way behind me in terms of productivity – not what you’d expect from listening to these pothead, shroom-popping dudes.

You see, this most incredibly harmful drug (alcohol) helps me to perform in a relatively productive way. I’m not excusing the abuses of alcohol, but it seems that a huge number of the greatest writers of all time were MASSIVE drinkers. Obviously I’m not including myself in that group of writers. But, Edgar Allen Poe, Ernest Hemingway, Brendan Beehan, Christopher Hitchens, Hunter S. Thompson, F. Scott Fitzgerald and so many others, were enormous consumers of alcohol, and yet they wrote some of the greatest works of fiction and non-fiction the world has ever seen.

I think there must be something about the ability of alcohol to take away the innate inhibitions we all have, these are the inhibitions that hold back so many of our great, silly ideas. If only everyone could be completely pissed all the time, only then could we be witness to a literary renaissance the likes of which we’d not seen since the 1800’s.

Thank you for reading, and in honour of this post – get drunk, you beautiful people!





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