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Christmas Light Frenzy!


It’s the 26th of November here in Australialand, and the Christmas lights are well and truly out in numbers. A member of the public, who owns a house and a car and all the things you’d associate with a normal person, was putting up his lights a few houses down from me. I walked past in a rather curious, and possibly deeply suspicious way, and I overheard him shouting to someone I could not see: “Hurry up, Sharon! We’ve gotta get these bloody things up before Teresa and Kevin put their’s up! I won’t be outdone by Kevin AGAIN! That stuck-up piece of sh….(you get the point)”.

Very interesting.

It seems that putting up Xmas lights isn’t just a symbol of good cheer and community, it’s a hardcore competition between middle-class guys and gals. Ignoring the fact that any day in November is far too early to be putting up Xmas lights, these competitive people are hell-bent on showing up their neighbours – probably because they want to charge money for people who want to walk/drive past and admire the glorious, flashing, electricity draining diodes.

Please tell me it’s the same in your neighbourhood – just so I can sleep easy knowing that I’m not the only one who lives in a very strange place.




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