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U R Ma Bessie Fwend!

The title of this post, in an ideal world, would read “you are my best friend”. 

I know that most people think that this shortened, incorrect style of writing is just a harmless little thing, and that it doesn’t matter if people choose to write in this style.

For the most part it probably doesn’t matter. But if you want to be taken seriously, you simply must write properly. 

You can’t write like this for your entire life. Obviously at some point you’ll want to get a job. If you apply for this job, whatever it is, with a cover letter that reads – “I culd b lyk a rely gud guy for dis job, u shuld hire me for dis posizion”.


Even if I was a junior manager at a disgusting generic burger company with a horrible track record of food poisoning, I still wouldn’t hire a person who wrote like the example above.

If you think you’re being unique and individualistic by writing like this, then I guess you are. You certainly are being unique…..uniquely annoying.

If you want to keep on writing in this style for the remainder of your life, then I’ll just say this to you – “U got 2 b a lil bit more real man wiv ur writin and stuff lyk dat“.

Goodbye, or should I say “c u L8er”?  





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