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I Don’t Own A Smartphone – Don’t Judge Me!


Nokia 3310: “You young whippersnappers are weak these days. I once survived a three-mile drop, into LAVA”!

I’ll just come right out and say this…………I do not own a smartphone of any type. No iPhone, no Blackberry, no Android, no Windows phone(but honestly, who the hell DOES have a Windows phone?).

Smartphones destroy the flow of conversation. We’ve all been there before – you’ll be talking to somebody and everything will be going swell, and then the person you’re talking to will temporarily put an end to the conversation in order to check their phones. This rudeness has become such a problem, I imagine it probably happens during some weddings too – just as the bride is about to say “I do”, the groom says, “hold on, I’ve got to respond to this tweet”, and then checks his Twitter.

In South Korea, there are noticeable health consequences to using smartphones. A vast number of young people in South Korea, particularly teenagers, have developed not insignificant neck and upper-back damage as a result of constantly looking down. One of the only things that North Korea has an advantage over their neighbours to the South, is the strength of their young peoples’ necks!

Don’t get me wrong – I like technology. I like computers and video games and automotive technology. But the whole smartphone craze has somehow passed me by. I feel it’s too late for me now to join the trend of carrying around a huge phone with the durability of wet tissue paper. I’ll have to wait for the next giant leap forward in phone technology and then jump on that very quickly. Hopefully it’s some sort of phone you can put inside your head or something like that – I know I feel like shoving some peoples’ current smartphone inside their heads, hard!




5 thoughts on “I Don’t Own A Smartphone – Don’t Judge Me!

  1. It has spread your social networks and provided a vast platform to know a great deal about things.

    Posted by hafeezcenter8 | November 19, 2013, 12:53 pm
  2. That picture is a PHONE?!? How retro….

    Posted by the drunken cyclist | November 19, 2013, 3:58 pm

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