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I Am Almost Certainly Part-Neanderthal!


One is an unsophisticated brute. The other is a Neanderthal!

Driving down to the bank today, I was cut off by a stupid person driving a stupid car…….stupidly! I got a little bit angry to say the least. My left hand let go of the steering wheel, lifted itself up into the air, then came crashing down onto the dashboard in a closed fist. My vocal cords, in unison with the dashboard thump, let out a truly monstrous, guttural noise – I can only describe the noise as Neanderthal-like.

I do, by chance, happen to have thick, prominent brow ridges, darkly thick hair, a lot of body hair, shorter than average stature, and a fondness for wooden clubs and cave-vandalism. But this driving incident, which expelled my animal rage in a way that nothing else has before, has made me endeavor to embrace my Neanderthal roots – except for the whole “dragging women around by their hair” thing.

Goodbye, or should I say GRRRAAAHHHH! No, goodbye will do just fine.



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