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Is America Being Run By Babies?


Ah, The United States of America. Land of the free. Home of the brave. Land of democracy. Where all men are created equal.

Also, the land where a few “important” men and women can bring the entire government to a complete standstill because they don’t want to allow slight changes in healthcare to go through. This is akin to putting your fingers in your ears and going, “Lalalalalalala, you’re a poo-head – I’m not listening”.

Come on, America. Get your act together. If you petulant arsehole politicians bring the world’s economy to it’s arthritic knees again, I’ll have to do something truly evil! I’ll write a very strongly worded letter, that’s what I’ll do, so help me God which I don’t believe in.

Yours truly,

An Australian (who doesn’t want you to fuck the world up again)



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