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Writing For A Living, 1st Report. Silly Poem!


Didier Drogba. He makes an appearance in the poem, don’t worry!

Haven’t made any money yet.

Found 50 cents under my keyboard.

I’m gonna spend it on something I’ll regret.

Probably a Russian Doll named Igor.

Igor will watch over me, as I mine for cyber-coins.

The stench of my graphics card melting

Is something Igor’ll enjoy!

These are the cards that capitalism dealt me.

Igor is with me, and we are drinking vodka.

Waiting for the paycheck to arrive in the post.

Watching videos of Chelsea legend, Didier Drogba.

Igor is inside my head, acting as host.

Tomorrow will be a new day.

Igor will be too hungover to control me.

Then I can throw him back in the Caspian Sea.

My first 50 cents I found while writing,

nearly cost me my sanity!



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